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MySpace Music Downloader

This program allows to save audio streams from www.myspace.com.

Block Diagram Editor
Text Converter build 080103
Text Conventer Converts text files between Unicode (UTF8, UTF16) and ASCII.
CopyAll build 100127
CopyAll This program copies or moves all the files matching provided file mask from one directory to another including subdiectories. In the destination directory however, all the subdirectories are "flattened" as the directory separator ("/") is replaced with the given one.
Rmdir build 111127
Rmdir This tool removes empty directories from current directory or specified path and reports the results.
Guid Scanner build 200120
Guid Scanner Scans Portable Executable files (exe, dll, etc.) for Globally Unique IDentifiers (Classes and Interfaces).
Lasermania build 090607
Lasermania PC remake of the classic logical game from 8-bit Atari, published by LK Avalon in 1990.
Crack ME build 020625
Crack ME Do you like challenges? Try to find the password :)